Latin GRAMMY 2015: Q & A with Diamante Electrico

Among the 16th annual Latin GRAMMY nominees, is Diamante Electrico, a young rock band who in a matter of three years are being recognized as one of the most representative Colombian artists.


Diamante Electrico, as suggested by its name, is an electrifying power trio comprised of vocalist-bassist Juan Galeano, guitarist Daniel Alvarez and drummer Andee Zeta.


For instance, in such a short period of time, they have already played over 130 shows, including important festivals like LAMC, Rock al Parque and Vive Latino.


Diamante Electrico’s self titled album was released through Pledge Music, becoming the first band in Colombia to undertake crowdfunding.


Withal, Diamante’s second release, B, preserved the band’s characteristic garage sounds. The album was recorded in just one night, enough time to grant the band a Latin GRAMMY nod as Best Rock Album of the Year. Furthermore, B’s first single, “Todo va a Arder” is also nominated in the category Best Rock Song.


In an exclusive Q&A for, the trio talks about their nominations to the Latin GRAMMY, their recording experience in Nashville and the show alongside the Foo Fighters. To learn more about Diamante Electrico, visit their official website.


The official Latin GRAMMY 2015 ceremony is taking place on November 19 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.


Valeria Andrade: Who is Diamante Electrico?

Juan Galeano: Diamante is an independent Rock N Roll band from Colombia who loves and believe firmly in its songs.


V.A.: What was your first reaction after realizing you were nominated to the Latin GRAMMY?

J.G.: We are very proud of being nominated next to bands that have so much history and trajectory.. Being nominated in two categories and representing rock from our country is a big responsibility.


V.A.: When recording B, what were the expectations for this album? Did you ever imagine that it would captivate the attention of the Latin Recording Academy?

J.G.: Initially, this album was meant to be an EP with five songs that we would record in one night and then give it away to our fans. B, turned out an album with eight songs which, indeed, was recorded in one night. We are very proud of this album because it was created with our hearts and guts, a combination that resulted very special.


V.A.:Tell us a little about your experience recording at the Third Man Record studios in Nashville. What was the outcome of teh song “Delatar”?

J.G.: We are fans of Jack White’s works and the Nashville movement and we were eager to visit his studio and space. We recorded in the same booth where Neil Young, Weezer and others have recorded and the result was blues delta, a sound from the 1930s. I think we achieved our goal.


V.A.:How Diamante Electrico does distinguish from other Latin rock bands?

J.G.: We do our own thing, our music is honest and real, we know exactly what we want and we don’t follow trends.


V.A.:Which has been the most important show you’ve played so far and why?

J.G.: All of our shows are very important to us. However, I think the show we remember with most affection is playing with the Foo Fighters at a soccer Stadium in Bogota. We performed in front of 40 thousand people, it was a very emotional concert mainly because we were with Dave and the band and they treated us as equals, it was beautiful.


V.A.:Who inspires the music of Diamante Electrico? (influences)

J.G.: From Zombies and the Kinks to Zeppelin and Sabbath to the White Stripes and the Black Keys.


V.A.: Is Andee still –literally– breaking the cymbals?

J.G.: Ohhhh yeah.


V.A.: Any shows coming up?

J.G.: We are playing tonight in California with Zoe and in Vegas later at night. Also, we will continue our current tour in Colombia in Bucaramanga, Bogotá, Barranquilla and Ibagué.We keep playing, its non stop.


V.A.: Once the 2015 Latin GRAMMY are over, what’s coming next for Diamante Electrico?

J.G.: Record our next album and videos and continue playing. Eventually, we keep doing what we’ve been doing since the beginning.


Por: Valeria Andrade
Fuente: The Examiner